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Revolutionising operations through visual coordination.

At SpaceDraft, we revolutionise traditional methods of relaying information by catering to new learning styles and inspiring Gen Z to thrive in the workplace. Drawing inspiration from visual coordination techniques used in Hollywood film production and the simplicity of communicating through basic visuals like drawing plans in the dirt, our technology harnesses the power of visual coordination to transform how professionals communicate and collaborate.

With SpaceDraft, teams can effortlessly coordinate and align their efforts, map out strategies, allocate resources, and manage tasks with ease. By eliminating confusing explanations and embracing visual representation, we bring clarity, simplicity, and speed to professional endeavours, enabling efficient communication and driving success in the resources sector.

Say goodbye to confusion and welcome a new era of streamlined collaboration with SpaceDraft. Welcome to the new way of understanding each other and never be missunderstood again!

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Meet the dreamers who are making it happen

SpaceDraft is a diverse team with extraordinary backgrounds and experiences. Together, the SpaceDraft dream becomes a reality to change the lives of many in business, sports, logistics, resources... you name it.

Lucy Cooke

Founder & CEO

Paul Nolan

Chief Technology Officer

AJ McDonald

Chief Financial Officer

Martin Porebski

Lead Software Engineer

Daniel Gonzalez

Software Engineer

Ryan Poli

Software Engineer

Be a part of something awesome

We're always looking for legends to join the team. If you are creative and passionate about working with the coolest startup in the world, give us a shout.

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Supported and advised by some of the best in business

Profile photo of Dr Tim Haggett

Dr Tim Haggett

Company Director, Health Industry
Profile photo of Dr Jemma Green

Dr Jemma Green

Cofounder & Chairman, Power Ledger
Profile photo of Grant Grosser

Grant Grosser

Advisor to the board at Education Horizons Group
Profile photo of Jan Kolbusz

Jan Kolbusz

Digital Programme Director at Centric Health
Profile photo of Vee Pendergrast

Vee Pendergrast

Virtual & Mixed Reality Consultant ScreenWest, MCV Pacific, Games for Change
Profile photo of Tim White

Tim White

Executive Film Producer The Luminaries
Profile photo of Eric Durst

Eric Durst

VFX Supervisor A Star is Born, Batman Forever, Syriana, Tron