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We wondered if there was a better way to deliver instructions for complex LEGO designs so we got in LEGO Master, Ben Cossy, to chat about the current challenges and possible solutions. 


Designing your own custom LEGO creations isn’t always easy, but having SpaceDraft as an aid to make the creative process much easier is a game changer. Now there is an easy way to document source material, other examples of people’s work and your own thoughts and ideas into one space. Additionally you can customise and design your own instructions so others can build what you’ve made.

It makes it easy to share your ideas and your creations with others and really focus in on all the important details so that your final creation is the best that it can be.

LEGO brick Visualise ideas in a 3D & 2D space helping ideas to be more fleshed out.
LEGO brick Have clear and concise communication tools that make collaboration easier.
LEGO brick Be able to focus in on every small detail to maximise the success of your work.

Existing Challenges

Before SpaceDraft when planning a LEGO Creation the biggest difficulty was having to translate 2D notes, ideas and concepts into a 3D space.

It was specifically difficult to visualise in 3D in the planning and process stages and it forced you to have to tackle problems head on while you build. There was a distinct lack of ability to really effectively and reliably plan ahead and foresee problems you will need to deal with in a 3D space.

Explore Exploring and Visualising a 3D world in the early planning stages.
Pinpoint Being able to pin point areas of concern and highlight minor details.
Layers Having multiple options to make and create LEGO instructions.
Share Being able to share your building ideas for collaborative projects.

SpaceDraft helps to clearly showcase projects in detail. The program itself is easy to use and quick to pick up and learn, so it makes the whole process easy and efficient.

Ben Cossy


SpaceDraft’s simple pin and movement system made designing Instructions easy and allowed for a lot of customisation and specificity. These tools also make it possible to create in-depth documentation and process work to best bring ideas to life and explain ideas from a variety of different perspectives. Whether someone is creating or reading a SpaceDraft they will find themselves with a much more rich and detailed understanding of what is being communicated and shown.

Expanding your Understanding
Using the 2D and 3D tools it’s so easy to visual understand what is being designing and how to improve the finished model.
Streamlining the Creative Process
Examine your work in much more detail and make your ideas richer by having everything in one place.
Clear Communication
SpaceDraft’s tools make communication in collaboration ease. It also helps you to better understand your own work and develop ideas more efficiently.


Being able to think outside the box in new and exciting ways with SpaceDraft means that LEGO creations, or any art that is designed or planned in SpaceDraft will be rich with specificity and detail. You can visualize and plan in ways that haven’t been done before and it makes the creative work reach a higher and more impressive standard because of it.

It helps make ideas more clear and concise and makes the any creators job easier to do.

Take your ideas to new levels and be proud of the work you create.

The tools at your disposal will help you think and plan your work differently.

A great way for people to be more confident with their creative work.

Future Plans

Using the exporting options that SpaceDraft has others will be able to see the instructions that have been created on SpaceDraft. People will be able to see what SpaceDraft is capable of by looking at the project and then they can use it to make their own unique creative ideas come to life.

Additionally, SpaceDraft can be used as a tool to design future LEGO projects. The tools help so much with visualising and expanding ideas in ways that were difficult before. Imagine the incredible work that SpaceDraft can help create.

Hopefully others will use SpaceDraft as a tool to get the most out of their ideas and to really help bring their ideas to life. A lot of aspiring LEGO builders in the LEGO community talk about how they struggle to realise their ideas, or they don’t know where to start on a larger LEGO project, SpaceDraft is a tool that can be that starting off point that can really kick a project off in all the right ways.

Having my thoughts, additional LEGO examples and links to pieces I’ll need to buy or use all in one place was so helpful in making my thoughts much more clear.

Ben Cossy

SpaceDraft for LEGO

Download our Case Study PDF to dig a bit deeper.