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We sat down with a local surfer and all round legend, Benj, to see if SpaceDraft could be used as a Beginner’s Guide to Surfing. This is what we came up with.


For many aspirational surfers, preparation for your first surfing session can be a confusing and daunting experience.

There’s a right way to partake as a beginner, all while staying safe and not pissing people off. It involves surfing in the right places for your skill level, choosing the proper equipment, being respectful of locals and knowing the rules of the water.

SpaceDraft’s ‘Beginner’s Guide to Surfing’ teaches surfers the fundamentals of surfing before their board even touches the water, giving learner surfers the opportunity to paddle out safely and with confidence

guy on surfboard Learn about water safety and etiquette before getting to the beach.
Guy carrying surfboard Understand different types of equipment and their uses.
Girl on surfboard Understand the anatomy of waves so surfers can feel safer in the lineup.

Existing Challenges

For many beginner surfers, the first few sessions in the water can be an uncomfortable experience. Struggling with the conditions as well as their own equipment can lead to not only a frustrating experience but a dangerous time in the lineup.

To minimise this danger to themselves and other surfers, beginner’s need a way to get easy info about the basics of surfing before their first session.

While trial and error or surf lessons are available, a platform in place to teach fundamental surfing knowledge would give beginner surfers are a more streamlined progression from the sand to the water.

Wave icon Choosing the wrong equipment for their skill level.
Wave icon Lack of understanding how the ocean works and how waves are formed.
Wave icon Not knowing the rules of the water and how to be respectful in the lineup.
Wave icon Trying to surf a spot beyond their skill level.

With SpaceDraft, understanding the basics of surfing before getting to the water will make the learning experience safer and more enjoyable!

Benj Riethmuller


SpaceDraft’s easy to use platform allows for the visualisation of critical elements when it comes to learning to surf.

Breaking down these fundamentals in an easy to understand and easy to share platform, SpaceDraft allows for a smoother learning experience into the water for beginner surfers.

Teach etiquette in the lineup

Understand what to do and what not to do in the water through live diagrams and explanations.

Breakdown surf equipment

Easily learn about the variety of surfboards and their uses, allowing beginners to make the right choice choosing their first board.

Understand the ocean

Learning about the different parts of a wave and how they are formed will give beginners a head start in the lineup.


The confusing yet essential understanding of surf etiquette, different types of equipment and the anatomy of a waves is streamlined by the SpaceDraft platform.

Instead of paddling out and annoying locals, beginner surfers are given essential insights through SpaceDraft, allows for a safer integration into the water and the world of surfing.

Things that might take months to understand such as why certain boards are better for certain skill-levels/conditions are carefully explained in simple terms through SpaceDraft.

With the ability to easily adapt each SpaceDraft to any surf spot in the world, surf schools have the ability to get their students into the water sooner and safer.

Standing surfer Getting beginner surfers in the water sooner and safer.
Standing surfer Better understanding of surf etiquette and how to be the good kind of beginner.

Future Plans

With a successful implementation of SpaceDraft into the surfing community we can look forward to seeing an increase in the number of surfers taking a safer and well informed approach to our sport.

Less kooks in the water and more respect for the ocean makes for a happier surfing community!

SpaceDraft for Beginner Surfers

Download our Case Study PDF to dig a bit deeper.