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SpaceDraft was born in Hollywood but we wanted to see if it could be used for low budget productions. We got in Rachael, a producer on the set of San Cisco’s music video SloMo, and talked about how SpaceDraft could be used for pre-production and production of a music shoot.


As a freelance producer, SpaceDraft offers many opportunities in terms of the  planning, producing and executing of music videos.

This technology streamlines the planning process, allowing for numerous pre-production documents to be produced simultaneously within one easy to use online tool.

Any pre-production document can be easily communicated and updated in real time without re-sharing to crew and cast members.

online Save time and resources by moving all production documents online.
Visual breakdown Provide cast and crew members with a visual breakdown of the shoot day(s).
SpaceDraft Teams Update the shoot day in real time with seamless communication to crew.

Existing Challenges

When producing a music video there are numerous pre-production processes that need to occur for a shoot to be successful. A visual medium, it is essential that crew members understand the director’s vision in order to plan appropriate set design, lighting and camera equipment. Pre-production processes include writing shot lists, mood boards and a call sheet, storyboarding, blocking, and creating a pre-visualisation of the shoot day.

⇢ Time consuming

⇢ Multiple interrelated and interdependent documents

⇢ Existing pre-visualisation software is expensive and complicated

⇢ Editing and re-sending call sheets every time there is a change in the day

These pre production process can be time consuming, expensive and subject to change given the low budgets and quick turnarounds of many of these projects.

Given the ever changing nature of music video shoots, it is impractical for the producer to include all the relevant information in a fixed (printed) call sheet. As a result, much of the shoot day is spent explaining the director’s vision and instructing people where they need to be.

SpaceDraft helps to relay any director’s vision in the fastest way possible.

Rachael Karotkin, San Cisco production team Producer


It was quick and easy to learn how to use SpaceDraft. After no time at all I was able to use the shot list and a floor plan to block camera, light and cast movement throughout the shoot day. This assisted in the ordering and timing of shots, as I could visualise movement through the location.

Send this SpaceDraft to crew/cast members and they have a visual breakdown of the entire shoot, accompanied by the traditional written introductions in the script tab. Crew members are able to see where they need to be at any given point of the shoot day, and plan ahead for upcoming shots.

Customisable icons make it clear what is needed for each shot, and pop up mentions help to communicate  important information to the right people.

What happens if there are last minute changes to the shoot day?

The tool is editable with crew members automatically updated as things change.

Different roles on set

Personalise information for different departments by creating new scenes with relevant breakdowns for lighting, camera, props etc.

Accessible everywhere

Have shoot day in your pocket with this tool accessible on mobile devices.


If the director spends 10 minutes on set explaining each setup, then the implementation of SpaceDraft has already saved 1 hour of filming time for the San Cisco music video. This allows for more time to re-shoot and refine shots, increasing the overall production quality.

This tool enables more streamlined shoot days, and an increasingly professional on set environment.

An effective solution for low-mid budget productions to engage in pre-production

Future Plan

There are clear opportunities for SpaceDraft to streamline and improve the process of music video production. The collaborative nature of the tool allows for the director, producer and heads of department to plan, block and visualise the shoot day.

This allows for streamlined communication between crew members which in turn results in increased production quality.

paceDraft is an invaluable for low-mid budget productions, who in the past may not have had access to the pre-production tools utilised by big studios such as Movie Magic scheduling software, Shotgun for post production organisation and Final Draft for professional scriptwriting. 

As a producer, who is primarily responsible for the planning and running of the shoot day, I see SpaceDraft as a real game changer for the Australian and international film industry, making effective pre production processes accessible to all cast and crew at every level. SpaceDraft is language agnostic and helps filmmakers from all different backgrounds articulate their ideas in the simplest and most cost effective way possible. SpaceDraft is for the visual learners. 

I look forward to working with the software in the future and exploring further uses for it across the arts sector.

How SpaceDraft is changing the way Music Videos are produced

Download our Case Study PDF to dig a bit deeper.