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We had a chat with Meg from Quairading, Western Australia  about the challenges associated with being a farm worker and how SpaceDraft could help.


As a part time farm worker it can be very challenging trying to understand how to carry out jobs that have only verbally been explained to you, by someone who just expects you to know the ins and outs of the task. Working with animals is a difficult task, so having this SpaceDraft means the process is easier for both myself and the sheep.

SpaceDraft is the perfect tool to combat this problem, as it allows for both visual and written instructions, that is so important when working on a farm, as it can be a dangerous job.

Visual Visually understand the process about to take place over the timeline.
Information Receive all information on one platform and eliminate any chance of confusion between colleagues.
productivity Save time going back and forth asking for the next instruction, or clarification.

Existing Challenges

Working on a farm means tasks are often explained very quickly and not in a great amount of detail, that is sometimes required for more complex jobs, and when doing something for the first time extra details are required, like moving the sheep through the yards, and into the sheds.

Usually only explained verbally, or sometimes with a quick sketch in the dirt creates a lot of confusion and trouble remembering everything said and required of you. I often found I was more confused after receiving all the instructions at once, and having to remember them for the entirety of the task.

This way of working made jobs take longer, as there was always need for continued communication between myself and my boss to ask for the next step or help clarifying an instruction.

SpaceDraft is able to show and explain the elements of doing the sheep in a clear and easy way!

Meg Caporn, Quairading, Western Australia

SpaceDraft is perfect for:

Sheep icon Inexperienced or new farm hands/workers.
Sheep icon People working on a new or different property for the first time.
Sheep icon Casual and part time employees.


SpaceDraft was so quick and easy to learn to use. It allows all the different instructions for a job to be displayed in a way that makes sense and eliminates any confusion in what the job requires.

Being able to animate the process of moving the sheep and their path results in a better understanding of the job to be conducted, and is major time saver.


Using SpaceDraft eliminated any and all concerns regarding the job of putting sheep into the yards and how move them. The visual and written queues displayed over each step means the task is fully understood and will be easier to carry out.

Having a SpaceDraft for this job also means I will always have it on hand if I ever need to double check how to do something. The fact that it is downloadable is also great so even if I am out of mobile range I still have the SpaceDraft with the instructions handy.

Future of Farming

As farming becomes increasingly more technology based SpaceDraft is a natural stepping stone into this new farming world. It provides a digital archive of individual farming practices and process that can be kept and altered as farming evolves, without the use of paper and great expense.

The new generation of farmers are also more technology based and bring this new way of visualising information to a historic job.

SpaceDraft helps family farms document how we do things in a way that is a future proofed time capsule, and is able to be looked back for years.

SpaceDraft is honestly the best! I have the coolest instruction manual at my finger tips for the exact job I need to do.

Phoebe Caporn, Quairading, Western Australia Farm Hand

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