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Nicole Spanbroek , Media teacher at Scotch College, found that the Year 9 Media students were losing motivation and inspiration when asked to plan their media projects due to the laborious nature of manually creating storyboards or shot list blocks. To keep students engaged throughout the planning process, Ms Spanbroek has implemented SpaceDraft, through which students can create fast, simple and interactive visual representation of their plans.



SpaceDraft offers fast visualisation of plans, supporting different learning styles and engaging neurodiverse students.
Students can receive instant visual feedback throughout their planning process, all before shooting scenes.
Students can plan their shots with real world locations using SpaceDraft’s inbuilt data map functionality.

It’s literally like the students make a film before they make a film.

Nicole Spanbroek, Media teacher

Existing Challenges

In Media classrooms, using traditional methods of storyboarding and blocking scenes can be disengaging for students, as these methods are time consuming and do not produce instant visual feedback. Additionally, following Covid, there has been an increased demand for education to be available in online-friendly formats.



In 2019, SpaceDraft was implemented as part of the curriculum for Years 9-11 Media students at Scotch College. SpaceDraft enables students to:

Easily visualise their pre-production plans before shooting scenes.
Block movement for people and objects for specific timeframes in real world or imagined locations.
Collaborate online with SpaceDraft’s live sharing features.


Ms Spanbroek has found increased engagement amongst students throughout the planning stages of pre-production. SpaceDraft has improved the accuracy and efficiency with which students can communicated their plans, saving valuable time within the classroom.

A game changer in our Media teaching and learning programmes.

Nicole Spanbroek, Media teacher

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