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What happens to a mine site once all of the desired minerals have been extracted? It’s hard to imagine, isn’t it…

Does the site just sit there as a dangerous and unaesthetic addition to the landscape? Or was it reclaimed? Were features of community or environmental significance preserved?
Did the plants and animals return?

Using SpaceDraft, a concept project was created to transform a mine site into a positive space for the community, environment and investors so that everyone could see the same plan over time.



Long term Visualise long term scenarios in a way that is highly accessible and enjoyable.
Engagement Increase engagement and participation on planning of long term projects.
Collaborate Easy to collaborate with many varied SMEs in multiple geographic locations via the app.

SpaceDraft is the perfect tool to assist multiple Stakeholders in visualising complex long term projects in a dynamic and engaging way.

Planning for sustainable development of a mine site is complex. The process of mine site reclamation involves multiple phases over many years. It’s dynamic and multifaceted, involving many different SMEs from varied areas of knowledge.

Community involvement is essential to the success of sustainable development projects and the resulting public opinion of mining companies.

The biggest problem with such a timeline is that it’s hard for so many different people to see the same plan.



  • Complex long term project
  • Many SMEs from varied disciplines
  • Collaborate with and inform the community
  • Need to convey dynamic movement

No mine site is the same. Each has different and varied environments and communities. It can be very difficult to plan, visualise and present such a project in a way that all interested parties can understand and interpret equally.

SpaceDraft is the easiest visualisation tool on the market that ensures rich and passive engagement.


SpaceDraft is a simple to use, cloud-based web application that is a cost effective way to plan and show a complex project to a broad audience.

SpaceDraft helps non technical and field workers visualise long term projects and concepts live and in real-time.

Dynamic movement
Ability to show visual references and cues (pins) and how they move through the mine site over varying timelines.
Context of planning
Events (pins) and mentions (notations) can be seen within the mine site, in both space and time to make visual comparisons.
Rich passive engagement
The real-time collaboration and SSO (single sign on) makes the project plan shareable and easily accessible to any organisation.

Why it works

The community wants to be more involved in what is happening with the land and country. Investors want to know how they can invest responsibly and make profit. Mining companies want good relationships with communities.

SpaceDraft is language agnostic and its simple UI allows anyone to drag and drop text and images in the simplest way that anyone could understand. It’s the tool to plan and present long term sustainable development concepts that otherwise would be complicated to explain in arduous documents.

Visualise any long term scenario with SpaceDraft to ensure effective, simple visual communication.

Placeholder Positive outcomes through increased engagement and understanding.
Placeholder Any project plan can be consumed and exported anytime, anywhere.
Placeholder Secure, safe and simple upload and download capabilities with SSO and real-time collaboration.
Sustainable redevelopment of a mine site planned in SpaceDraft

Future Plan

Sustainable development concepts are vital to a healthy and happy future for people and the environment. The mining industry can profit from these ideas through a positive public image and investment.

SpaceDraft is different from other planning tools as it allows collaborators to visualise and plan in a dynamic way through the customisable settings to relay the very specific and intricate details of any mine site. This brings increased understanding and engagement, ultimately leading to better and more profitable outcomes for all stakeholders.

Sustainable development is a fundamental break that's going to reshuffle the entire deck. There are companies today that are going to dominate in the future simply because they understand that.

Francois-Henri Pinault

SpaceDraft for mine site reclamation and sustainable development

Download our Case Study PDF to dig a bit deeper.